2022 - Jason Eckl

Jason Benjamin Eckl was with LCSFA for two full seasons before making tracks as a Sailor and joining FC Bayern. Here, he trained under Technical Director, Luka Lalic, who was spearheading the U15 team. An astounding striker, he showed tenacity, desire, and nothing less in every single session or match.

Throughout his time here, Eckl took part in two of LCSFA’s Europe Training Camps (ETC). His first ETC with the academy was in November 2021 where Eckl and his teammates went against top teams in Germany and the Netherlands such as Borussia Dortmund and Feyenoord, Lion City Sailors’ European club partners. His second ETC saw him and his teammates in Spain where they faced Spanish opponents from established clubs such as, Atletico Madrid and Legan├ęs.

Eckl is currently broadening his football course and diving full-on into European football with Bayern Munich.