The vision of LCS Football Academy is to become the hub of elite football development in ASIA. The management is committed to realizing this dream by investing in the young talents of Singapore football as a first step towards its vision.

Football as a career has often been frowned upon by Singaporean parents as they often deem it as one without a future. Many talented footballers fall out of the game in their teenage years due to the bleak prospect of a professional footballer in Singapore. We are determined to break this mindset barrier by offering a promising prospect as a professional footballer; and to transcend boundaries by creating an environment to push our young talented footballers towards a pursuing the “impossible” dream.

We believe in the talent in our Singapore youth. We believe that if we provide a good enough platform for them; they can be good enough to compete against stronger competition. We are ready to help them pursue their dream of one day playing professionally, and we are serious. Our scholars will live the life a professional footballer from the day he embarks on this program; just like how other budding talents are nurtured in professional academies in Europe. The program will be supported by specialist teams including Individual coaches, S&C, physiotherapy, sports psychology, nutritionist, video analyst, sport-specific doctors and more.

They will consistently be exposed to the highest possible level of competitive football; with the aim of pushing them to their absolute limits.
Training Stints with Top Foreign Clubs
Annual major overseas tournament
Regular overseas training camps and matches Weekly local / regional matches

Four to Five years scholarship program with LCS Football Academy which includes the following:
Waiver of all training, matches or tournament fees
Educational subsidies and allowances
Co-funding for overseas trips

Full and exclusive commitment to our programme

Scholarship is offered between the ages 11 and 12. We prioritize those players that have been in our programme for the longest period prior to scholarship offer – meaning the earlier you join our Academy, the bigger chances you have. We start our selection from 9 year old players. Scholarship is also open to players outside our club, but they need to be on a much higher standard than the players in our teams, which has been a very unlikely scenario in the past years. To join our Academy program, please sign up for a TRIAL HERE.