The Footyball programme is divided into 3 Worlds. In each Football World, children are offered fun challenges in various areas that match the developmental level of the child. Children are taught progressively - each successive World is a progression from the previous World.

LCS Footyball Curriculum
U2 &U3 (World 1)U3 & U4 (World 2)U4 & U5 (World 3)
  • Full parent participation is required
  • Introduction of Fundamental Movement Skills (balance, running, catching, throwing, and jumping)
  • Introduction of football-specific skills (ball mastery, dribbling, and kicking)
  • Learn about shapes, colors, and numbers
  • Develop child’s ability to focus
  • Full parent participation is required
  • Refining and further developing the learned FMS and Football Specific Skills (movement with speed and into space)
  • Introduction of The spectacular FOOTYBALL Moves & Turns
  • Develop communication, listening and language skills
  • Combining the learned skills Progressing toward independent play
  • Introduction to the rules of the game and small-sided games
  • Development of teamwork and partner work, promoting cooperation