LCS Football Academy (‘LCS’) Training Terms and Conditions

By making payment for the term fees for the training, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions of the LCS Football Academy Training Programme:

1.       Missed Sessions

·       Students who miss their training sessions will be allowed to do make-up training during other time-slots, to be arranged with the LCS admin (90024871).

·       Fees will not be pro-rated for missed sessions.

·       All Make Up Sessions need to completed within the current term of the missed session.

·       Make Up Sessions can be done in advance of any missed sessions.

·       No carry forward of missed sessions into the next term.

2.       Rain / inclement weather

·       As the LCS training ground is artificial turf with a sophisticated drainage system, training is likely to continue even when there is rain. Training will only be suspended / cancelled if there is lightning risk.

·       For trainings where half or more than half the training time (45 minutes) had been completed, the session will be considered as completed.

·       For trainings that are fully cancelled or where less than half the training time had been completed, a separate make-up session will be catered for during school holidays. Strictly no pro-rating of fees for students who miss the make-up session.

·       Parents can call / whatsapp 90024871 for enquiry if they are unsure if a training session is cancelled.

3.       Information Dissemination (WhatsApp Groups)

·       Parents will be added to LCS WhatsApp Group Chats for information dissemination purposes. Please ensure you check the messages for any updates on LCS programmes.

·       There will be Training Group Chats and Tournament Group Chats.

·       Please refrain from casual chatting as it is a main information dissemination channel.

4.       Parental Involvement

·       Parents are allowed to view the students’ training from outside the training area.

·       We encourage parents to refrain from entering the training area when training is on-going. Parents are advised to speak to the coach after the session has been completed or during break time. This is to ensure the training is not disrupted and that students are able to continue the training smoothly.

5.       Refundable Deposit / Term Fees Refund

·       The $50 deposit will be refunded upon students deciding to withdraw from LCS Football Academy.

·       Term Fees and fees for any other programmes and tournaments are strictly non-refundable after payment.

6.       Insurance Coverage and Indemnity

·       LCS fees include insurance coverage for injuries sustained during training or matches, up to $1,000 per injury per player.

·       Reasonable precaution will be taken by LCS to ensure students’ safety. I understand that LCS will not be held liable for any injury arising from training or matches.

7.       Social Media

·       Photos and videos of students will be taken and shared on LCS' social media platforms. Parents can inform the LCS Admin staff if they wish to withdraw consent for their children to appear on our social media.