Led by Singapore’s only female AFC ‘A’ licensed coach, our all-girls programme aims to forge ahead in creating a pathway for girls to develop and pursue professional football. With competitive teams across age groups from U8 – U18, our players undergo sustained and structured high-quality training in a conducive all-girls environment, with competition opportunities in Singapore and abroad. 

We believe that the game is the best teacher. The coach provides the situation (problem), sets the rules and guides players towards solving them, and continuously presents a new challenge to promote their development. 

Our objectives are to create players who 
i. Recognise game situations well 
ii. Can assess their environment and options swiftly 
iii. Make correct decisions to solve match problems, and 
iv. Are equipped with the skills and know when and how to use them. The coach observes the players in these game situations, and corrects them where needed. 

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