Our elite programme provides young footballers with a modern, all-rounded development curriculum and consistent high-level competitive exposure in a structured, professional environment. The focus of the academy is to create a pathway for aspiring youth footballers to become successful professional players at the pinnacle of the sport.

We aim to filter, gather and centralise the best talent in Singapore (both locals and foreigners) as everything starts from the players themselves. Our next task is to provide them with a high-performance developmental environment as well as competition at the highest possible level. Then, it is up to the players to make the best out of the opportunities given to them, and bottom line – how hungry they are to make their footballing dreams a reality. 

Our staff come from various top football organisations across the world, bringing with them working expertise geared towards elite athlete development, leveraging each individual’s capabilities to provide the best environment and coaching possible. Our goals are clear - to create a new generation of Singapore footballers, launch professional careers in top leagues overseas, and ultimately give Singapore a chance to compete with the international greats.

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