Lion City Sailors (LCS) Football School is proud to be the exclusive partner of Voetjebal in Singapore, bringing the parent-child play concept ("Footyball") from the Netherlands to our shores.

Footyball is a programme for children, aged 2 to 5 years old, that focuses on developing their fundamental movement skills and football specific skills through fun and play! 

The programme has been active for over 15 years in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany and Ukraine.

For more information about our programme, please check out our Footyball video. Fee structure can be found here.

Developing physical, cognitive & social literacy through football & play!


The Footyball programme is divided into 3 Worlds. In each Football World, children are offered fun challenges in various areas that match the developmental level of the child. Children are taught progressively - each successive World is a progression from the previous World.

LCS Footyball Curriculum
World 1 - 2021 & 2020World 2 - 2020 & 2019World 3 - 2018
  • Full parent participation is required
  • Introduction of Fundamental Movement Skills (balance, running, catching, throwing, and jumping)
  • Introduction of football-specific skills (ball mastery, dribbling, and kicking)
  • Learn about shapes, colors, and numbers
  • Develop child’s ability to focus
  • Full parent participation is required
  • Refining and further developing the learned FMS and Football Specific Skills (movement with speed and into space)
  • Introduction of The spectacular FOOTYBALL Moves & Turns
  • Develop communication, listening and language skills
  • Combining the learned skills
  • Progressing toward independent play
  • Introduction to the rules of the game and small-sided games
  • Development of teamwork and partner work, promoting cooperation

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