Training Calendar

Term Dates Remarks Duration
2020 Term 1 4 Jan to 22 Mar No Training on CNY week
(24 Jan, Fri to 31 Jan, Fri)
11 weeks
Covid-19: Training Suspended since 28th March
2020 Term 1 4 Jul to 10 Jul Outstanding session from 28/29 Mar 1 week
2020 Term 2 11 Jul to 2 Oct Training every week
12 weeks
2020 Term 3 3 Oct to 20 Dec Training every week 12 weeks

Revised term dates for 2020

First weekend of training restart is counted as the last session of 2020 Term 1; this is because training was officially suspended on the weekend of 28 March, which was the last session of term 1.

2020 Term 2 will commence on the following weekend and last to 2 October.

2020 Term 3 will commence on 3 October and last 12 sessions to 20 December.

All overseas trips / tournaments for 2020 have been cancelled

New LCS Football Academy training jersey

For the first 4 weeks of the restart of training, we will be selling the new LCS Football Academy training jerseys at a discounted price of $20 / top and shorts; as we look to facilitate our rebranding exercise from LFA Protectors to LCS Football Academy.

From the 5th week onwards, the price of the jerseys will revert to the original price of $30 / top and shorts.

Training conditions

There will be NO CHANGES to all training schedules, sessions and costs until the end of 2020.

All training sessions will be conducted with strict adherence to all safe distancing measures imposed by the authorities at that point of time.