28 May 2022 - The Lion City Sailors Football Academy is set for another Europe Training camp this year. The previous weeks have been dedicated to exposing both teams with local tournaments and match experience in preparing the boys for the upcoming Europe Training Camp.

In November 2021, the Under-15s spent a good 6 weeks in both Germany and Netherlands, experiencing international friendly matches against other academies. This year, however, they are not the only team venturing out to Europe. LCSFA’s Under-13 players will experience their own Europe Training Camp.

The Under-13s will spend 2 weeks in the Netherlands while the Under 15s will explore new grounds in Spain.

The Sailors Under-13, led by Head Coach Mustaffa Al-Saffar, will specifically be spending their 2 weeks in the Rotterdam, home of Lion City Sailors recent club partner, Feyenoord.

Following the partnership between the two clubs, which was announced in February this year, the Under-13 team will be hosted by staff of Feyenoord.

The Sailors will be fully immersing themselves in the European football experience, given that this will be the team’s first ever Training Camp in Europe. Their schedule includes guided city tours, team bonding activities, training sessions and most importantly, matches.

The team comprises of mainly players born in 2009. Over the course of their stay in Rotterdam, the Under-13 team will be going against opponents such as Excelsior, BVV Barendrecht, Willem II and Feyenoord.

Together with the head coach, is goalkeeper coach, Shahril Jantan, Performance Trainers, Chloe Alphonso (Strength and Conditioning) and Munah Sativan (Medical), Intern Video Analyst, Ryan Lim and parent volunteer, Farid.

Unlike the Under-13, travelling to Europe will not be all that unfamiliar for the Under-15 team. Recalling the previous Europe Training Camp, the Under-15 players are ready to expand their playing experience in a new territory.

The Sailors Under-15 will be in Madrid for 2 weeks and the team will be welcomed and hosted by staff of Atletico Madrid. Training sessions and matches will undoubtedly be included in the schedule for the Sailors. The Under-15 team is looking forward to going against teams from Spanish clubs such as Atletico Madrid, Getafe and Leganes.

Academy Technical Director and Head Coach of U15, Luka Lalić will be with the Sailors Under-15 team, together with a team of other staff. This includes, Head of Performance, Mark Onderwater, Head of Medical, Mike Kerklaan, Head Video Analyst Gaelan Poh, Head Goalkeeper Coach, Kris Stergulc and Media Executive, Nadzirah Eunos.

The players have already arrived in the respective countries and are currently setting base with the host clubs. The Under-15s will be preparing themselves for their first training match against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday, 1st June, while the Under-13s will be facing their first opponent, Excelsior, on Thursday, 2nd June.

Unlocking new territories and creating new experiences through adventures, both teams are set to deliver with heart.