The Lion City Sailors Football School (LCSFS) is pleased to share the launch of its west centre at the German European International School (GESS), starting from 1 August 2024. This significant expansion marks the establishment of LCSFS's second-largest training facility, enhancing accessibility for aspiring footballers residing in Singapore’s west region.

In collaboration with GESS, this new centre emphasises LCSFS' commitment to broadening its reach and fostering young talent.

Rafael Palacios, Principal of the Lion City Sailors Football School, expressed his enthusiasm: “This is an important milestone for us! It shows that we have been growing in the right direction the past few years and we will continue to make football accessible to young aspiring footballers islandwide.”

Since its official rebranding as the Lion City Sailors Football Academy in 2020, the Football School has been dedicated to promoting “Football For All” -- inclusivity and passion for football among boys and girls across all age groups - from as young as 2.5 years old to 17 years old. The academy's mission to make football accessible to all is further realised with the addition of the GESS training centre, ensuring that more young enthusiasts can participate and hone their skills.

The new training centre will offer two programs, mirroring the current structure, with general training sessions for beginners who want a fun platform to hone their skills and competitive training for children who want to experience a structured match environment. This expansion aims to cater to a diverse range of skill levels and interests, nurturing the next generation of football talent.

For detailed information on session timings and program specifics, please visit our website here: 

For parents interested to enrol their students in LCSFS please sign up for a free trial session here: 

Current parents whose children are enrolled in LCSFS and are interested in transferring their child to the GESS west location starting 1 August, please contact the West Centre admin line at +65 8490 8046 to indicate your interest.